5 Worst Vaping Practices That You Should Avoid Doing

5 Worst Vaping Practices That You Should Avoid Doing

Vaping had become a phenomenal hobby across the globe, from weed lovers, teenagers, young at heart and with an unimaginable diversity of people that have been involved in the fast-growing culture of smoking cannabis. We can’t deny the fact that a lot of people are being captivated by the magic of vaporizers and love for marijuana. If you are a veteran or new in the community (or still planning to get into it) you might have already encountered some terrible stories about vaporizers like it might malfunction and explode while being used or you have been discouraged by gossips you overheard somewhere or watched from the news. Well, that is because this hobby requires an exceedingly high amount of self-restraint. Being responsible for your own actions and practices is a must in this hobby, it’s not just a hobby anymore if you think of it. More likely, it’s a way of living. With that being said, here are five worst vaping practices that you should avoid.  


Disregarding Instructions  

The best way to guarantee your safety is simply by following instructions. Most of the time, a novice in the hobby of vaping tends to forget the basic step of reading through the instructions that’s why most who forget end messing up with their vaporizers. After you purchased your very own, it comes with a user manual where instructions on how to operate it properly and maintaining its condition to peak tier are written. Keep this in mind that reading the user manual will help you increase your knowledge and deepen your understanding towards your device. Even though you might not be a big fan of reading and considering the fact that it will consume time but eventually it will help you for the good. Read and follow instructions for safe vaping.


Experimenting On Your Own  

Have you ever heard of the adage “Curiosity killed the cat”? I bet you do, it is a famous one. You will, at some point be curious enough to play around your vaporizer, with all its removable and replaceable components one couldn’t help but wonder whether or not using a different piece would make any difference. Combining different parts of a device and using spares from different manufacturer’s products to improve its performance might be an enticing concept, or in the other hand an absolute carefree idea. It may not work, for some obvious reasons like a certain part of a product model may not be compatible fit for other devices, because it is specified for that product only. If anything comes up and you want to customize or upgrade your device, better call the manufacturers, and see if they can do something. It would be best for you to know what you are looking for before buying. Also, this applies to your loads. Don’t just mix up concentrates, juices, herbs and combining it with some ingredients you found on your fridge. You are not a chemist. Doing these unnecessary things may cause your device to malfunction and deteriorate its condition.   


Showing Off In Public  

Vaping is cool, with all that shiny device and vape tricks that you can show off to impress. Just remember one thing, do not show off too much. You might like to vape, but does everyone around you does feel the same way? Even though vaporizers have more advantage than regular cigarettes and can be used indoors and some public places, you can’t just pull out your vaporizer from your pocket and start drawing hits inside a convenience store, mall or restaurant. Be more considerate of your surroundings. Although, vaping might sound and look good for you and those who are part of this culture not everyone will have the same point of view as you have. You might encounter some that might confront you because of vaping.  


Not Properly Investing  

“Don’t settle for anything less” is also a famous adage that perfectly describes the common mistake or poor practices exercised by vape enthusiast, especially newbies who are just starting to walk through this path. You might wonder why? Some startup vapers tend to buy cheap devices with low quality and bad off performance. You are going to spend money anyways, why not add more and invest on something that can give you value at the same time will last for a long time.   

Getting a premium quality vape and extra batteries is the way to go! Who wants to pause the fun if you can extend it with an extra power source? Just make sure that you are not mixing your device’s battery and mismatching your charger. This is also a common mistake, and as early as you can, you should avoid it. If you are planning to buy an extra battery for your device, contact the store or manufacturer to order the same type of battery for your vape. Rather than paying less for a cheap piece of extra battery that might not match with the output of the voltage.   


Irresponsible Vaping 

Vaping is a very complex hobby, you might not get how it works at first but in the long run, you will surely master it. That being said, there are people along the way that will help you walk through, teach you how everything you need to know and guide you along the way. Don’t be blinded and limit yourself on what you are today. Do some research, read, watch videos and learn more. You can still grow and by doing this you can eliminate all the threats that you might actually encounter in the future. “Ignorance of the law excuses no one.” This is absolutely true, so do not let yourself be misguided by false information. Especially, today’s era where information is something that can be altered easily. Also, there are areas within the state that are perfectly fine with vaping and there are places that are not that cool with it too. Help yourself and be educated.  

Those are the things to avoid when vaping that you should know with all the means necessary, hope that helps you.  

How To Choose The Best Cannabis Vaporizer

How To Choose The Best Cannabis Vaporizer (3)

Cannabis vaporizers have been around for years now and thanks to today’s advancement in technology we’ve seen a multitude of weed tech that all the more makes vaping safe and convenient. Giving credit where credit is due, most manufacturers have delivered their promise of reinventing and changing the way we consume cannabis, as an herb in its rudimentary form, as concentrated wax or as reduced or thickened oil. Some of the most notable names like Dr. Dabber, Puffco, Storz & Bickel, PAX and so much more have been in the forefront of vaping innovation delivering some of the best vaporizers known to cannabis consumers. But how do you select which cannabis vaporizer is best for you?

It’s all about preference, that’s given. But what do you exactly look for when shopping for a marijuana vaporizer? Some look for value, some stick with a particular brand, I’ve heard different ways to select the best vaporizer from different people in my cannabis vaping community and it’s certain that there’s no one rule in finding the best vaporizer though you could use these simple suggestions to help you get the best vaporizer even if you’re that picky vaper that finds himself somewhat hard to please.

Check for Availability

First, you’d want to determine what kind of material you’d be vaping. There are several vaporizers that can vaporize weed, wax, and oil, though there are still vaporizers optimized to vaporize a single kind of cannabis product. To help you decide what material you’d be vaping, you’d want to look at how often you’d be vaping cannabis. Generally, the more casual and daily consumer tend to go for buds and herbs, from moist to desiccated vegetable matter. Dry herbs tend to be on the cheaper side and they’re sort of easier to come by, that’s why it’s one of the most preferred materials of most cannabis consumers. Wax concentrates are often times preferred by some of the more serious cannabis consumers because of its potency even though they’re a little more expensive compared to dried herbs, the difference in price is mainly due to how wax concentrates are processed. Extracting wax from its basic plant form can be highly volatile and dangerous. Moreover, wax concentrates are known to have more doses of terpenes and cannabinoids due to its concentrated nature. They provide that premium rush of THC and CBD which makes waxes almost extremely hallucinogenic in nature. Cannabis infused oils, on the other hand, are often the choice of medicating patients since they’re easily available on your local dispensaries. CBD oils are used to treat a wide variety of ailments, it gives its consumers the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive side effects. CBD oils can be used to combat cancer, acts as a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, can help you quit smoking, and other drug withdrawals. CBD oils are also used to fight off epilepsy and other mental health disorders like anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), panic disorders, and even social anxiety disorders. The list of how and why you’d want to be vaping cannabis goes on and on and finding the perfect material that suits your lifestyle will help you choose the perfect cannabis vaporizer for you.

Dry herb consumers might want to look at vaporizers like the Boundless Tera is a good vaporizer to start with. The Tera from Boundless Technologies uses cutting-edge convection style heating which vaporizes your dry herb strains without getting to the point of combustion. Wax enthusiasts who enjoy its potent and extramundane effects could start with the highly-acclaimed Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer, a premium wax pen vaporizer that utilizes magnetic connections and ceramic components to preserve the unique flavor profiles of your favorite wax concentrates. Cannabis oil consumers, on the other hand, may want to try vaporizers like the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer, it’s small enough to be carried around almost anywhere you go. Perfect for taking that quick fix especially when you really have to take your prescriptions. It leaves little to no prep time allowing you to simply take it out and get your prescribed dose of CBD.

Consider Your Location

Next, you might want to look at where you’d mostly be vaping. If you’re a busy body and if you’re always on-the-go, then a portable vaporizer is obviously on the top of your list. They’re easy to carry around — hence, they’re called portable vaporizers — and they most often than not they sport a durable and lightweight build allowing you to hit on your favorite marijuana material virtually almost anywhere vaping is allowed. On the other end of the spectrum, desktop vaporizers are the more bulky and stationary versions of your portable units. Desktop vaporizers are recommended for people who mostly stay indoors and to those who tend to consume cannabis in larger amounts. You might also want to note that portable vaporizers are an ideal device almost intended solely for personal use while the desktop units might be better for group sessions involving larger amounts of marijuana with more than just one participant. Furthermore, portable vaporizers are a little cheaper compared to desktop units so you might want to keep that in mind.

Determine Your Budget

After considering how and where you’d be vaping you might want to look at how much you’ll allow yourself to spend on your vape budget. Vaporizers could be an expensive hobby but can still be a rewarding lifestyle. Some of the top-shelf units could sell somewhere around $400.00 to $500.00 while some cheap but still reliable vaporizers can be purchased under $75.00 to $50.00. If you’re new to vaping marijuana then I suggest you start with a portable vaporizer, portable vapes are extremely affordable especially the pen-style vaporizers. With a range of reasonably priced units, you can start exploring what material works best for you, also, this learning curve won’t actually cost you a leg and an arm so it’s the perfect way to start trying out different ways to vaporize cannabis products and after you’ve found your niche, then I’d suggest you get yourself a desktop vaporizer to get the full and optimum vaping experience.

While it all depends on your vaping preference, selecting the right cannabis vaporizer for you can extremely be confusing if you don’t have the proper guidance. No one wants to spend their hard earned money for something you won’t be using afterward. Avoid making expensive mistakes and follow these simple tips and get yourself the best cannabis vaporizer. Check this online vape shop for a wide collection of cannabis vaporizer that’ll be sure to suit your needs.